Construction. Insurance & Claims. Local Government & Schools. Railroad & Transportation. Real Estate. The attorneys at GRB Law focus in a range of industries, but all share the same mentality: provide the best insight, outcome and service to our clients.

image of construction site to represent GRB Law's work in the construction industry
Known as “activist” construction lawyers, our team doesn’t just step in when there’s an issue. We begin counseling and advising our clients at the outset of the project, taking an active role in the project planning and pre-construction processes to provide solid legal insight and value at the front end. Construction projects integrate a myriad of professionals, industries, timelines and budgets. With proper planning, strategy and guidance, our team predicts issues ahead of time and plans accordingly to protect the client through the very end.
image of file folders with insurance and claims tabs to represent the Insurance industry
Understanding the dynamics of the insurance industry takes seasoned professionals that know the ins and outs of risk, claims and how to get the best outcome for the client. Representing an array of insurance companies, our lawyers have achieved fair settlements and successful verdicts in cases pertaining to personal injury, products, toxic tort, casualty and other matters.
overhead view of a neighborhood to represent the local government industry
Our public sector clients rely on our attorneys’ expertise to navigate a complex legal landscape. Our skill sets are as deep and diverse as the problems that confront elected officials and administrators of public entities. As solicitors we represent a range of municipalities, school districts, authorities, commissions and boards, as well as numerous land banks and public sector associations. We are also a leading firm engaged in the collection of delinquent taxes and municipal claims, working with over 100 entities. 
image of a train on tracks to represent GRB Law's work with the railroad industry
Railroad cases are prone to present complex legal and regulatory issues and, therefore, tend to involve lengthy factual investigations and the use of various industry experts. Our railroad litigation team is broadly experienced in defending railroad companies in cases brought under the FELA for personal injury and wrongful death, as well as defending claims and lawsuits brought by non-employees, including personal injury railroad crossing accident claims, property damage claims, amongst other matters.
Image of Pittsburgh's buildings to represent GRB Law's work with the region's real estate industry
Our real estate lawyers are known and respected throughout the region for representing residential and commercial buyers, sellers, owners, developers and lenders through the complex moving parts of a real estate transaction. Strategic in approach, our team is quick to foresee long-term plans and changes to come down the road, and finds ways to address them at the outset, providing a solution geared to adapt over time. When a dispute arises, our lawyers are prepared to protect our clients’ investments and better secure them going forward. 



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While representing a broad range of industry and practice focus, our attorneys share the same mentality: provide the best insight, outcome and service to our clients.

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